"L'un des aspects marquant de la technologie est qu'elle permet d'établir une inversion du pouvoir entre les vendeurs et ceux qui possèdent les outils de reproduction. Tendance accélérée par l'invention du rail et la crise du marché des tulipes en hollande au 3ème siècle. Sans céder à la panique, il me semble parfois nécessaire d'avoir le courage de redémarrer sans les extensions."

The five absolute rules of digital online domination

First rule : focus on the market

To listen to the market is key. You must satisfy your customers; to find a positioning which simplifies the life to them and which enables them to regulate a certain number of problem. Focus you on the added value that your site brings.
Of course, when one speaks about market, it is not a question of the visitors who use it but investors.

Second rule : building relationship is everything

Your public should not release you. Each member and visitor are your " biggest asset ". Never not to forget that your valorization depends on it.

You must do everything - even the maximum - to acquire visitors. It is completely acceptable to pay its members as long as that remains below what you can develop out of purse.

Third rule : invest in weakness

That there I do not remember too much any more but good it is necessary in any event always of investing.

Fourth rule : know when to lose (money)

It is necessary to be a good player and " player one to fair game ". You perhaps a duty day will lose. Reassure it is only of the money and in more it is undoubtedly not yours.

Fifth rule : begin with the IPO in mind

Borrowed from Corey of " Seven Habits of Highly Effective People ", it is clear that you are not there to change the world but to change standard of living. Do not do anything which could end in danger.

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